Lockstone Geo Bolt-Stone

Lockstone Geo Bolt-Stone

Lockstone Plus Rose Gold Pendant Stones

Lockstone Plus Rose Gold Pendant Stones

Lockstone Plus Gold Pendant Stones

產品特點: 1. 極簡金屬設計容易搭配 2. 將香水配戴身上,對香水過敏的人也不用擔心 3. 能夠鎖住香味,比噴在身上的香味持久度多7倍時間 4. 使用簡單,將最愛的香水噴在Lockstone上,等待4分鐘完全滲入,然後戴上 5. 隨時間慢慢散發芬香,配戴在身上,時尚又有質感

A Lockstone pendant plated in 24crt gold, featuring three removable stones and a gold chain. The Plus range comes with three removable stones so you can simply change between your favourite fragrances. 

Whatever your scent – Lockstone captures it – needing only a single spray that will last approximately seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it.

Simply spray your favourite fragrance onto the Lockstone material, allow it to infuse for 5 minutes and then wear around the neck. The pendant can be worn over or under a garment and will slowly diffuse your fragrance throughout the day.

- Chain Length: 22 inches / 56cm
- For use with multiple stones and fragrances.

品牌 Vanacci
評價產品:Lockstone Plus Gold Pendant Stones