Lockstone Geo Tri-stone

Lockstone Geo Tri-stone

Lockstone Geo Bolt-Stone

Lockstone Geo Bolt-Stone

Lockstone Geo Hex-Stone

產品特點: 1. 極簡金屬設計容易搭配 2. 將香水配戴身上,對香水過敏的人也不用擔心 3. 能夠鎖住香味,比噴在身上的香味持久度多7倍時間 4. 使用簡單,將最愛的香水噴在Lockstone上,等待4分鐘完全滲入,然後戴上 5. 隨時間慢慢散發芬香,配戴在身上,時尚又有質感

The rapid cooling of erupted magma can result in stunning geometric patterns, predominantly basalt columns that look to be hewn from the rock itself. These columns inspired the creation of the Hex-Stone, paying homage to nature's volatility that so often creates such beauty from chaos. 

A Lockstone pendant of turned solid stainless steel and waxed cotton necklace. The Geo range is designed to hold a single fragrance. For multiple fragrances, check out our Plus range.

Whatever your scent – Lockstone captures it – needing only a single spray that will last approximately seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it.

Simply spray your favourite fragrance onto the Lockstone material, allow it to infuse for 5 minutes and then wear around the neck. The pendant can be worn over or under a garment and will slowly diffuse your fragrance throughout the day.

- Necklace Length: 22 inches / 56cm
- For use with a single fragrance.

品牌 Vanacci
評價產品:Lockstone Geo Hex-Stone