Kingston DataTraveler G4 USB 3.0 DTIG4 (8GB- 128GB)

Kingston DataTraveler G4 USB 3.0 DTIG4 (8GB- 128GB)

Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 DT100G3 (16GB - 128GB)


DataTraveler 100 G3

Kingston’s DataTraveler® 100 G3 (DT100G3) USB Flash drive is compliant with next-generation USB 3.0 specifications to take advantage of technology in newer notebooks, desktop PCs and digital devices. DT100G3 makes storing and transferring documents, presentations, music, video and more quicker and easier than ever

DT100G3 features a sleek, cost-effective design to make the transition to a satisfying USB 3.0 experience a minimal investment. Available in capacities from 8GB–128GB, DT100G3 is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and has five-year warranty. Future-proof your portable storage now!


Compliant – with USB 3.0 specifications
Dual Compatibility – USB 3.0 connectivity; backwards compatible with USB 2.0
Customisable – Co-Logo program available
Guaranteed – five-year warranty, free technical support

Kingston DataTraveler® 100 G3 (DT100G3) USB 隨身碟符合新一代 USB 3.0 規格,可搭配新款筆記型電腦、桌上型電腦及數位裝置使用。 有了 DT100G3,儲存及傳輸文件、簡報、音樂、影片和更多內容比以往更快速且更輕鬆。 

DT100G3 擁有兼具時尚及價格實惠的設計,只需要低額度的投資,就能輕鬆升級,滿足您 USB 3.0 的使用經驗。 DT100G3 有 8GB 到 128GB 的容量可供選擇,能向下相容於 USB 2.0 而且擁有五年保固。 確保您的可攜式儲存裝置技術不過時!


符合標準 – 符合 USB 3.0 規格。
雙重相容性 – USB 3.0 連接介面;可向下相容於 USB 2.0
可自訂選項 – 適用 Co-Logo 方案
品質保證 – 五年產品保固、免費技術支援

品牌 Kingston
評價產品:Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 DT100G3 (16GB - 128GB)