RingClock clock ring (silver with Orange LED)

RingClock clock ring (silver with Orange LED)

RingClock clock ring (silver with blue LED)

Watch and ring design of the surgical level of allergy 316L stainless steel with ultra-thin 6 mah rechargeable lithium polymer battery and supporting base charge 2 hours for 1 week of normal use (50 times a day activation) or 2 Hour continuous use can be waterproof (about 30 meters) one year warranty * Due to the limited inventory of each size, the stock may be out of stock, delivery time will take 3-4 weeks *

特殊價格 $2,831.00 定期的價格 $2,980.00

Hungarian RingClock Clock Ring

From the design concept of Hungary, designer Gusztav Szikszai like watches, but not wearing a watch the habit, he does not like the feeling of being bound by the wrist.

RingClock design changes our traditional watch the time to watch the watch, the clock and ring together.

Anti-allergic steel made, waterproof design.

[Cool design modern beauty]

The Ring Clock Ring is made up of three rotatable active rings with the same thickness and the same radius. Each ring is marked with its own scale. From top to bottom, the top mark is numbered from 1 to 24, Representing the number of hours; the middle of the thick ring marked from 1 to 60 of the number, representing the number of minutes, the bottom is the thinnest ring marked 60 small points, with a dynamic way to show a second pass.


【360 degree rotation】

The ring will not always show the time, only when the ring will be activated, the ring will be lit on the LED to indicate the time, the ring on the three rings can be rotated 360 degrees, this rotation activated to a certain extent To ensure the endurance.

[High quality material cool more durable]

Ring Clock is made of 316L stainless steel, this steel is also called medical stainless steel, for the production of surgical surgical equipment, and will not cause skin allergies. And generally used in jewelry and watches, with antioxidant effect, long-term use will not turn black, playing cool is to play in the end.

Saving power for one week

In order to save power, the ring uses a rotating activation of the way, LED will continue to light after each activation for 1 minute, after it will go out.

The development team said the next version of the ring will be more green, because they intend to rotate the potential energy into the power for the LED.

{Science fiction flying saucer charging equipment}

The ring uses the Qi wireless charging technology, once the power is exhausted, simply put it on the supporting charge of the charging base can be charged, about 2 hours will be able to fill the Ring Clock.

Its ultra-science fiction UFO charge base is pocketed everyone's eye, the base of the two buttons is used to set the time.

Ring size guidelines



RingClock Clock Ring, 8mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery & Qi Wireless Charger

Product specifications

* Width: 14 mm
* Thickness: 3-3.5 mm
* Size (inner circumference): 16.9 - 23.8 mm
* Material: anti-allergic 316L stainless steel
* Run time: 1 week normal use (50 times a day activation) or 2 hours continuous use
* Lighting time display: within 15 seconds after turning the ring
* Contents: RingClock Clock Ring, 8mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery & Qi Wireless Charger

Brand RingClock
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